At Xalyo Systems, we specialize in providing comprehensive electronic design services tailored to your unique requirements. Our expertise includes: 

Product Specifications

We work closely with you to develop detailed product specifications based on your needs. 

Schematics and Layout

We use industry-leading tools such as Cadence OrCAD to create reliable schematics and layouts for your projects.


We carefully select and integrate components to optimize cost and ensure up-to-date technology therefore avoiding obsolete options.

Manufacturing Documentation

We generate manufacturing documents to streamline the production process, ensuring a smooth transition from design to manufacturing. 

Manufacturing Flexibility

We offer the option of manufacturing prototypes in-house or providing manufacturing files for you to produce them yourself. 

Firmware Development

Our team is skilled in developing firmware, including FPGA and bootloader code, to bring your designs to life. 

Bring-up and Testing

We perform thorough bring-up and testing procedures to ensure the proper functioning of your electronic designs. 

Design and Production Tests

We design and implement a full set of design and production tests for your projects, ensuring high-quality results. 

JTAG Testing

Our team utilizes JTAG Technologies tools for comprehensive testing and diagnostics, enhancing the reliability of your electronic designs. 

Partner with Xalyo Systems for top-notch electronic design services, tailored to your needs and delivered with precision and efficiency

Product Design