Xalyo Systems Announces Network Processor Based PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card

Geneva, Switzerland, September 9, 2003 – Xalyo Systems today announced XS155, the industry’s first PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC) based on Wintegra’s WinPath Network Processor.

Featuring four OC-3/STM-1 ports, XS155 is the perfect interface to handle both ATM and IP simultaneously. XS155 on-board 64 bit MIPS processor can run advanced protocols (e.g. 3GPP, SS7, VoIP) while the network processor handles all the data path.

Supporting ATM and IP routing, switching, interworking and termination, XS155 is ideally suited for applications such as Wireless Infrastructure, Voice over Packet, Video Streaming and Next Generation Networks.

With its network processor based ATM AAL2, AAL5 and IP implementation, XS155 is a cost effective solution for current and next releases of ATM or IP Transport and Control Planes for 3G Node B, RNC, SGSN and MSC.

“Wintegra’s WinPath’s rich feature set and high port density gave us the foundation to design a family of interfaces ranging form E1/T1 to OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet rates” said Andre Wiesel, Xalyo Systems’ Director. “Wintegra’s system level approach was a key factor in reaching our tight time to market requirements.”

“Wintegra developed the WinPath Network Processor range specifically for the Access Infrastructure market and had a focus on providing a strong, cost effective, flexible silicon architecture for companies to perform switching and interworking or many protocols simultaneously” says Robert O’Dell, VP Marketing and Co-Founder of Wintegra. “Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and operators using these configurable products Xalyo Systems designs will be able to utilize the flexibility of our on-chip interfaces in their platforms as the transport network migrates towards IP from ATM”.

Extensive software support is provided for the Linux and VxWorks environments.

Compliant with IEEE 1386.1 PCI Mezzanine card (PMC) and PICMG 2.15 PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC), XS-155 can be used in cPCI, cPSB, AdvancedTCA, VME, PC, and proprietary applications.

About Xalyo Systems

Xalyo Systems designs high-density and feature rich ATM and IP solutions for the Telecom Market. The company is based near Geneva in Switzerland. Additional information about Xalyo Systems and XS155 is available through the company’s web site at www.xalyo.com.