Xalyo Systems Announces XS-1000, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card

Geneva, Switzerland, May 4, 2004 – Xalyo Systems today announced XS1000, a highly integrated ATM and IP PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC) based on Wintegra’s WinPath 787 Network Processor.

Featuring one OC-3/STM-1 and one 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, XS1000 is the perfect interface to handle both ATM and IP simultaneously. XS1000 provides exceptional media flexibility with the use of SFP transceivers and auto-sensing optical or electrical Ethernet interfaces.

Supporting ATM and IP bridging, routing, switching and termination, XS1000 is ideally suited for applications such as Wireless Infrastructure, Broadband networks, Video Streaming and Telecom Test Equipment.

XS1000 is a complete hardware/software solution for ATM to Ethernet Bridging.

“XS1000 sets a new mark in terms of connectivity, features and performance” said Andre Wiesel, Xalyo Systems’ President. “Wintegra’s extensive Data Path and Control Path Software dramatically reduce time to market and cost for our customers’ new developments.”

Leading telecom equipment vendors have already expressed interest in Xalyo’s advanced technology. “We are among the first to use Xalyo’s technology. Its high level of integration and impressive feature set were key factors in our decision to use this technology” said Eli Lotan, Teledata Networks’ CTO (www.teledata-networks.com). “Xalyo Systems’ comprehensive support helped us to achieve better performance in record time”.

Software support is provided for Linux Montavista 3.0 and VxWorks 5.5.

Compliant with IEEE 1386.1 PCI Mezzanine card (PMC) and PICMG 2.15 PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC), XS-1000 can be used in cPCI, cPSB, AdvancedTCA, VME, PC, and proprietary applications.

XS1000 is available immediately.

About Xalyo Systems

Xalyo Systems designs high-density and feature rich ATM and IP solutions for the Telecom Market. The company is based near Geneva in Switzerland. Additional information about Xalyo Systems and XS1000 is available through the company’s web site at www.xalyo.com.