Xalyo Systems Announces XS-2000, ATM, POS and Ethernet WinPath2 Network Processor Based PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC)

GENEVA, Switzerland – February 27, 2007 – Xalyo Systems today announced XS-2000, a highly integrated ATM and IP PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC) based on Wintegra’s WinPath2 Network Processor.

Featuring a configurable mix of four OC-3/STM-1, two OC-12/STM-4, and three 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, XS-2000 is the perfect interface to handle both ATM and IP simultaneously. XS-2000 provides exceptional media flexibility with software selectable I/O ports and use of SFP transceivers.

“XS-2000 is the first commercially available mezzanine card based on Wintegra WinPath2” said Andre Wiesel, Xalyo Systems’ President. “We are very pleased to offer our customers a threefold performance increase while keeping the software 100% compatible.”

Supporting ATM and IP bridging, routing, switching and termination, XS-2000 is ideally suited for applications such as Wireless Infrastructure and Broadband Networks.

“Xalyo has always been an early adopter of our technology” said Robert O’Dell, EVP of Marketing and Sales at Wintegra. “Their boards are well-engineered, easy to use, and give our customers time-to-market advantages versus developing their own cards.”

Compliant with IEEE 1386.1 PCI Mezzanine card (PMC) and PICMG 2.15 PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card (PTMC), XS-2000 can be used in cPCI, cPSB, AdvancedTCA, VME and proprietary applications. XS-2000 can also be used in PCI and PCI express slots of any PC when assembled on a PMC to PCI/PCI Express adapter.

Software support is provided for Linux, Solaris, VxWorks and Windows.

XS-2000’s general availability is May 2007.